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Draft written by Liyab | 30 Mar 2006
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the anarchists answer to philippine society & revolution
i think the anarchists should write thier version of amado guerrero's philippine society ()& revolution. put down your molotovs, i am not encouraging anyone to make a thou-shall-and-thous-shall-not-manifesto. rather, i'd like to see the more scholarly anarchists to enlighten the uh, lackadaisical ones (kids who revel in careerism, they call themselves radicals but they a. don't read b. refrain from doing action c. are guilty of bourgeois decadence).

there is a serious dearth of good debaters in the anarchist bloc—i should know, a significant number of people in my camp are all too ready to poke fun at the "neo-hippies whose ideals & motives are best called idyllic". obviously, i disagree because i have faith in the anarchist movement, the trouble (nga) is a lot of anarchists are confused with their stance.

chuck the "subjectivism" rebuttal. in order to have a united bloc, one must have a united line.

so what should be in the philippine, society & anarchism book (naks)?

Chapter One

Review of Philippine History|The Philippines and the People | The People upon the Coming of the Spanish Colonialists |Spanish Colonialism and Feudalism |The Filipino-American War | The Colonial Rule of U.S. Imperialism | The People's Struggle against Japanese Imperialism |The Present Puppet Republic of the Philippines | The Roxas Puppet Regime, 1946-48 |The Quirino Puppet Regime, 1948-53 |The Magsaysay Puppet Regime, 1954-57 |The Garcia Puppet Regime, 1957-61 | The Macapagal Puppet Regime, 1962-66 | The Marcos Puppet Regime, 1966-86 | The Aquino Puppet Regime, 1987-92 | The Ramos Puppet Regime, 1992-98 | The Estrada Puppet, 1998-01 |The Arroyo Puppet Regime, 2001-

Chapter Two

Basic Problems of the Filipino People | A Semicolonial and Semifeudal Society |U.S. Imperialism |The Meaning of Imperialism |Bogus Independence and the Unequal Treaties | U.S. Monopoly Control of the Philippines |The Scheme to prolong U.S. Domination |Feudalism |The Meaning of Feudalism | The Hacienda System |Sham Land Reform |Resettlement and Landgrabbing | Land Retention Limits and Bogus Expropriation | The Extent of Feudal and Semifeudal Exploitation | The Magnitude of the Land Problem | Basic Forms of Exploitation in the Countryside | The Political Power of the Landlord Class | Bureaucrat Capitalism | The Meaning of Bureaucrat Capitalism | Source of Graft and Corruption | Fascism | Reformist and Modern Revisionism

*present Anarchism (give example of Anarchist societies)

*discuss Anarchist theories

*explain the anti-work/authority stance (bust the myth that anarchy=chaos, hunger, etc)

*VERY VERY IMPORTANT-explain how anarchism can be applied to our country (most theorists are from the first world, right?), given that we have a diff history/culture (like example, bourgeois PETA supporters are quick to call poor farmers "murderers" even if raising/butchering livestock/cattle is the only way they can earn their living, and yeah, some animal rights activists even dare to intervene in indegenous people's practices blah blah)

Chapter Three

The People's Democratic Revolution | Basic Character of the Philippine Revolution | Classes in Philippine Society | The Landlord Class | The Bourgeoisie | The Comprador Big Bourgeoisie| The Middle Bourgeoisie | The Petty Bourgeoisie | The Peasantry | The Rich Peasants| The Middle Peasants

The Poor Peasants | The Proletariat| The Semiproletariat | The Lumpen Proletariat | Special Social Groups | Class Basis of Strategy and Tactics | Class Leadership and the Party | The Main Force and the Armed Struggle | The Basic Alliance and the National United Front | Basic Tasks of the People's Democratic Revolution | In the Political Field | In the Economic Field | In the Military Field | In the Cultural Field | In the Field of Foreign Relations | Perspective of the Philippine Revolution | the main goals of anarchists

*address the current flaws—homophobia, misogyny, etc

*suggest ways to fight em

*goals of the anarchist revolt

*how to keep the oppressors at bay given the anarchist revolution succeeded

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